Jane Wicker Airshows


Swing Time Wing Walking


Step into our time machine and visit the Golden Age of Aviation.  Jane Wicker demonstrates the daring and breath taking art of wing walking.  Not just wing riding folks this is the real thing.  With no safety line and no parachute, she amazes everyone by climbing, walking and hanging all over her beautiful 450 HP Stearman she affectionately calls “Aurora”.  All this right in front of your eyes.

During the Barnstorming era, wing walkers competed by trying to out do one another with more impressive feats of daring on the airplane.  Jane is no different and recreates the thrilling act of wing walking. Not only will you see her on top of the airplane during aerobatic maneuvers, but you will see her climb between the wings without benefit of a safety line and witness moves that no other wing walker is even brave enough to try.  Sit back and hold your breath because you are about to see something you’ve never seen before.   It will truly be something that you will remember for the rest of your life.


Watch History Come Alive