New Bern Air Show a Huge Success!

What an amazing day! On Sunday, July 4, 2010 Aurora and I made our grand debut back into the airshow world. I couldn’t have planned a more fitting day for this event. Not only was it our nations birthday, but it was New Berns 300th Anniversary.

The Airshow box was over the Neuse River along the cost of New Bern, NC. It was one of the most beautiful venues I have performed. Aurora flew like a champ and showed her stuff better then I could have dreamed.

This being my first airshow performance in 7 1/2 years, I will have to say I was a bit nervous. There was that voice in the back of my head wondering if I would still have it in me to make it through the 20 minute grueling routine. I was pleasantly surprise when I got through the entire act just like I had never stopped.

The crowd was amazing. Over 30,000 people lined the shores of the River to watch the wing walking along with performances by world class pilots Zach Heffley, Castor Fantoba, Goody Thomas, and Hubie Tolson. Laurie Ross did the opening jump and the airshow was announced by Mike Gallaway, of Red Bull Air Races.

After the show we took a short helicopter ride from the airport to the river bank and then a quick boat ride to the announcer. That is when I met one of the most receptive crowds. They reminded me of the greatest thing that I’ve missed about airshows, the people. We capped the night off with a beautiful fireworks display over the water. It was an airshow premier like no other and I am grateful to Hubie Tolson for arranging the event and inviting me to not only participate, but premier Aurora at his event.

Below is raw video footage of the wing walking performance.